MPC Joint: WAV

Collection of Beats, Hits, & Kits for Producers


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SoundEngine brings you this massive collection of hits, beats, and drums. With the producer’s mindset, we have built Kit after Kit of tools we know you’ll use every day. 


Here is a list of the sounds contained in this package:

FX Kit: This is a heavily effected stereo sound set of interesting effects made from drum sounds. Many of these are industrial in nature and the description is only the root sound. 17 samples

MKIT 1: This is a massive acoustic kit with lots of variety. The snare is Velocity Switched with 3 samples. The toms are also Velocity Switched with 2 samples. 68 samples

MKIT2: This is another massive acoustic kit with tons of variety. All of these samples are different from MKIT1, but are of the same drum kit. We had so many good samples we made two outstanding kits from it! The snares are Velocity Switched as well as the Toms. 63 samples

Phat Basses: These are some very low analog basses from the Mono/Poly and the Pro One synthesizers. All of them have been sampled at e2, unless noted, and are at least 3 seconds long, no loops. 22 samples

Rhodes: These are chords and licks that you can fit into your tracks. Some of the Rhodes comes with the classic phase shifter and autopanning.

Guitar: This is a selection of electric guitar samples that are either riffs that can be looped as noted with the BPM, and licks that are designed to be dropped into your tracks. Note that this was a live player, so the BPMs are approximate. Time stretch to your needs. 30 samples

Loops: These are mostly 2 bar hip hop drum loops. The tempo is indicated in the sample name. Some are the same, but take away a sample in the loop. They can be chopped, sliced, diced, julienned… well, you get the point. All total there are 52 drum loops and 4 noise loops. Some of the drums used are on this cd and some are not.

Horns & Hitz: These are horn and hits samples that you can drop into your tracks. Some of the hits can be used as chordal instruments for your tracks. 8 samples

Synloops: These are synth lines and notes and some effects for you to drop into your tracks. Timestretch at will. They range from 2 seconds to about 9 and some are complete phrases. 28 samples

Synstrg: String notes for use with 16 levels so that you can create your own lines using only the MPC. These samples are fairly long and not looped. There is a high version and a mid version for each string sound. 5 samples

Wave: A complex sound from a synth. One is the garden variety, and the other is modified. You go right ahead and do your own mods to this. Great for effects. 2 samples

Strings & Drones: More string sounds for you to use with 16 levels. There’s also this very long boom sound that crept its way into this set. We don’t mind! 6 samples

Hip hop kits: There are 6 huge hip hop kits. These are filled with kicks, snares, hi hats, cymbals, everything you need to make slammin’ hot beatz. Instead of going through each and every sound we will catalogue according to quantity.

Vocals: These samples are real rappers. Spittin’ their flow…. Drop these in your tracks for real flava. There are also some female vocal samples.

Turntable: These are record scratches. Drop them in your tracks for the classic duga-duga sound between sections or you can sprinkle them in anywhere.

A total of over 800 sounds in all!