Studio + Vinyl Drums: WAV

Kits and hits developed specifically for beat production.



Studio / Vinyl drums was developed by our partner studio in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the most active locations for Rap and Hip-Hop recordings.

With three production kits developed for groove and beats-oriented producers – R&B Drums, Vinyl Kit,  and Dance Percussion, you have instant production tools at your fingertips to lay down a base rhythm track and get started.

With the large Studio 1 and Studio 2 Kits, each containing more that 20 samples in stereo, you have songwriting-grade samples to add to your composition.

Add to all this the Producer’s Map – a massive stereo kit of 198 stereo samples with multiple velocites of hats, cymbals, snares, kicks, and rolls, and you have a signature sound kit that you can call your own. Many samples include ambiences of each sample, too.

The production maps are build from drum machines and vinyl recordings. The Studio kits are direct from a stereo session in the studio.