Subliminal Message: WAV

Digital Ambient Soundscapes and Effects


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This collection of samples was somewhat inspired by music from Skinny Puppy, NIN, Meat Beat Manifesto and the movie Seven. We really wanted samples that had a harsh industrial quality, definitely not soothing or quiet. So using found sounds recorded form places like the mall and various retail stores as well as old TVs and 5 dollar radios, we began to cut, twist, stretch and sculpt the samples into something more aggressive, at times the samples border on noise. We made considerable use of sample granulation to produce textures and noises that have a certain rough and jarring quality. Granulation was used for many of the rhythmic samples as well–note that most of the rhythmic samples can be synced to a multiple of 20 bpm–FM and AM synthesis methods were used extensively to give many of the sounds hard metallic overtones. Some the samples were generated using additive–additive resynthesis methods and all of the samples were processed heavily using fairly standard processes such as reverb, phasing, flanging, and delays. In the end it makes for a collection of odd industrialesque samples.

Subliminal Message was reviewed in Remix Magazine!

Dave Hill Jr. writes: Subliminal Message “… is full of dreary and wonderfully enchanting ambient textures and rhythm beds that are carefully deconstructed to please goths, industrial-music junkies, or anyone who likes music with an unsettling edge.” “Subliminal Message is a uncommon treat.”

Here is a list of the 262 ambiences contained in this collection:

H2O, VHF, acid, antarctica, astral, backlash, before light, blah, can’t go get it, catalyst, chronic, circulate, corrupted, crooked, cyborg, decay, desire, detach, disconnect, diversions, don’t look, dreamless, easy, far back, feud, funded, geared, ghosts of machines, got a plan, grinder, hunger, impaired, impasse, import, influx, interconnected, invert, it’s comming, it’s in my head, jaded, linear, lo tech, lucky space, mortal, new company, nights on IO, offensive, omit, oxidize, pauper, phobic, phony, processing, products, purge, react, reconstruct, retrace, screw, spaced, strain, struggle, system, tied, tracer, trademark, trails, transfuse, ultraviolet, unfold, visions, work shop, worm hole, wort, 8 bits, Gotham, angles, automatic, belief, big sales, blown, class war, comme il aut, consume, contempt, creep, critical, depletion, dermal, downward, ebell, exoteric, fatal, file not found, fire wall, fissure, flip side, frayed, free, fuse, future, gradation, graft, graze, gullet, in the basement, installer, irritant, kernel, laissez faire, lame, less sodium, listening, mental coil, merge, monkey, my world, neglect, others, over and over, particle, patent, pawn, plastic rap, plot, pro, recycle, regulated, remains, rust, scrape, sealent, servile, serving size, side bar, socket, sold, spark, squirly, strip it, tested, the fairy, the herd, the state, thorax, torn, unplug, volatile, 355 ml, 56K, artificial, axial, bad link, breach, call me, clay feet, cog, comply, controller, cult, cut back, declasse, decline, deleted, digging out, din , dubious, elastin, entropy, erotic, evasion, extension, flinch, futile, gears, generator, gills, grid work, junkyard love, lag, left, line rop, linger, litigate, lock, locust, manifest, mech, metal, modulus, narcotic, nonferrous, nuts and bolts, on tape, on the radio, page back, press it, proof, recode, recoil, sacred, secretion, skipper, space music, stuck, subway, symbolic, think you know, tubular, undercurrent, virus, wanna talk, waters running, 21%, advertise, all talk, assemble, bay, bicker, bones, cognitive, come p, compression, conforming, crude, directive, disposal, exempt, exhaust, fascist, fetish, for your info, industrialize, invest, logic, mechanism, microbial chorus, more news, morgue, multinational, nonbeliever, official, pain control, pattern, penal, persona, relic, spend more, strepto, telecom, the law, the news, thread, today, truth, tv world, vanity, variant, vote for me, web, well, why didn’t ya go