Fuel: Beat Scholar

“Fill up” Beat Scholar with 25 new kits from classic drum machines and workstations



“Fill up” with “Fuel” – a collection of classic drum machine and workstation sounds that keep your inspiration motor running in “Beat Scholar”. These kits deliver – tuned with Room and Reverb, filter and compression – the ratios are just perfect for smooth running beats. “Fuel” is 25 kits, 73MB of new drum sounds in “Beat Scholar” Kit format.

Included in the download package you receive when you order is an installation guide – you’ll be behind the wheel in no time. As with every SoundEngine product, license free use, lifetime upgrades as we develop more sounds, and free restored libraries if lost are included. Downloads are available instantly after payment is processed in “My Account” on SoundEngine.com.

Kits Included in “Fuel” – 25 in all:


770 Kit SE Are Ex 5 Kit SE
Articulated Kit SE Brushed Kit SE
DD 008 SE DD Kit 1 SE
DD Kit 2 SE DD Kit 3 SE
DrinLumm Kit SE DS 1 – X Kit SE
DS 1 Compress Kit SE DS 1 Slam Kit SE
Dubya Five Kit 1 SE Dubya Five Kit 2 SE
Em One Kit 1 SE Em One Kit 2 SE
Ex Dee Five – Kit 1 SE Ex Dee Five – Kit 2 SE
Oh Bee Dee Ex Kit SE Rap Kit SE
Tee Gee Kit 1 SE Tee Gee Kit 2 SE
Tomas Kit 1 SE Tomas Kit 2 SE
X oR Cist Kit SE