Oil: Beat Scholar

Time to lubricate your ideas with “Oil” for Beat Scholar with 25 new kits from the KenFen archives



Every 5000 ideas, you needs to change the “Oil” of your beats – new, yet old sounds! We had worked in the past with KenFen, father of the “Zip-O-Drums” and “MPC Joint” before his passing, and we’ve secured his sound library from his estate. The library includes a huge collection of sounds recorded at KenFen’s studio in Atlanta, along with drums mastered on vinyl and sampled.

Oil” is a collection KenFen’s studio recordings that are still “go to” secret weapons for many producers. Tuned with Room and Reverb, filter and compression – these kits will lubricate your creativity and inspire new speed records for beat creation. “Oil” is 25 kits, 134MB of new drum sounds in “Beat Scholar” Kit format – all of a synthetic blend for long life.

Included in the download package you receive when you order is an installation guide – you’ll be burning rubber in no time.. As with every SoundEngine product, license free use, lifetime upgrades as we develop more sounds, and free restored libraries if lost are included.

Downloads are available instantly after payment is processed in “My Account” on SoundEngine.com.

Kits Included in “Oil” – 25 in all:


Hip Kit 01 SEHip Kit 02 SE
Hip Kit 03 SEHip Kit 04 SE
Hip Kit 05 SEHip Kit 06 SE
M’s Kit 01 SEM’s Kit 02 SE
M’s Kit 03 SEM’s Kit 04 SE
Production Kit 1 SEProduction Kit 2 SE
Production Kit 3 SEProduction Kit 4 SE
R&B Kit 1 SER&B Kit 2 SE
R&B Kit 3 SER&B Kit 4 SE
Studio Kit 1 SEStudio Kit 2 SE
Studio Kit 3 SEStudio Kit 4 SE
Vinyl Kit 1 SEVinyl Kit 2 SE
Vinyl Kit 3 SE