Prepared Piano: Kontakt

A sampled Prepared Piano Library for Kontakt



Overview and Recording Technique:

The SoundEngine Prepared Piano is a versatile tribute to the prepared piano work of John Cage.

A Yamaha C3 was recorded using 2 DPA (formerly Bruel & Kjaer) series 4000 omni-directional microphones. Digital recording, after 24 bit AD conversion, took place on Tascam DA45 24 bit DAT-master. Recordings were edited in ProTools 4.3.1 on a PT24 Mix card. A little Trueverb and some Focusrite F2 & F3 (EQ and dynamics) were used, and then the samples were mastered to hard disk.

The un-compressed file, once downloaded, is 43MB. There are 20 presets and 193 Stereo and Mono samples.

Sound Demonstration:

Collection Instrument Summary (there are more programs in the collection):

– Cage Piano Stereo   Cage Piano is a Prepared Piano honoring the prepared Piano styling of John Cage. This prepared piano makes use of rubber stoppers, screws, wood pieces, and other various materials inserted in between the strings to affect the tone of the piano. Please see attached file named “Cage Piano Treatments”.

– Bass Velocity    A percussive prepared piano that takes the form of a synthesizer bass.

– Alt Preparation   Another Prepared Piano that differs from the Cage Piano

– Gong Piano Mono    A modified piano, recorded in rich stereo, which invokes images of Far Eastern gongs.

– Soundboard Knock   A soundboard knock that is stretched across the keyboard. Be the one who knocks.

– Pedal Piano    Another Prepared Piano that sounds like a cross between a toy piano and a grandfather clock. Each note is harmonically different from the next.

– Lead Piano      A Percussive attack – as if the strings were being plucked.

– Mono Prep Piano    Monophonic version of the Cage Prepared Piano

– Paper On Strings    Paper sheets across the strings generate a unique bussing synthetic sound.

– Pedal Piano   A Prepared Piano that allows the entire sample to be heard when the Sustain Pedal is pressed, otherwise Note On / Note Off control the length of the sound.

– Percussive Map   These are samples of a prepared piano that can easily be used as a unique ethnic percussion setup.

– Scraped Strings   Scraped strings provide eerie, Film score sound effects. These sounds were processed and sampled through Trueverb.

Photo by:  Susanna Bolle / Non-Event
CC BY-SA 2.0,