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Further Exploration of Digital Ambient Soundscapes and Effects

The samples on Detritus range from stuttering and sputtering sounds to dark mechanistic ambiences. Sample granulation, AM and FM synthesis, wave set techniques, formant synthesis, wave shaping and wave table tricks were employed to create the sounds. Much of the original source material was derived from found sounds. Processing for this collection was done by programs written for Kyma and Csound with additional work done in Metasynth. This sound library represents further exploration of the dark industrialized sounds started on the Subliminal Message volume. The sounds in this download are grouped into three folders. The samples in the dada folder originated from highly processed vocal snips. The Digging in the Dirt folder is a collection of severely twisted and distorted files often with rhythmic characteristics. The From the Basement folder contains dark textures that move and shift throughout the stereo field.

Here is a list of the sounds contained in this library (620 MB in all!):

dada: 2 times 2 make 4, crossed that line, pres, 3 weeks.LR, daniel, prevent this, 806 , dead zone, Random Sample , able, did a number, Random, after market, don’t fly, ready, all he left, easy fun, really expensive, all things, evolve, record, an adult, falling apart, retort, are we ready, for less, Round here, arrest the poor, get rid of it, screen, attacks endurance, gl-1, screw guilt, aww, glitch, secure, B-1, glitchwerks, sell some more, big secret, grandparents, short comings, biz, ground, shut up n grow old, bland, high on it, small compact, broken, i didn’t know, snip, buns and thighs, illusion, stretcher, can’t avoid it, in a minute, striped, change is coming, in trafic, sweat, changes in your life, iran nuclear, swing on it, chemical imbalance, is loose, teach, cheny, look very well, trashed, circumstance, lot of money, understand?, clip, music, used , closed my mind, Mutator, used to be, coming down the road, my situation, what you got, commercial dreams, news17, won’t work, comming soon, nobody, world systems, corner, nonsense, big d, costly, not really random, credit card ready, politics,

Digging in Dirt: *69, feeder, show biz, accept, few grains, signal loss, action, fields, slap back, alien codes, fractured, small bit, amby pad, fritz, so cheap, arrested, fumes, space man, B-2, funk, spill, bad charge, give me a buzz, spin down, bellhop, good speakers, spiral, beside, hole, strange beat, big time, lost control, tank me, break the ice, obtain, tapper, breaking up, period, tea for 2, burning cab, polysome, thinner, cat paw, pressure, thorax, chopped formant, production, turn the dial, comfort, prong, tweak, copper top, quiver, twee, crispy, register, twister, cut short, restraint, vision, decimal, ripples, Warper, do me, rusting, wave table, dog and pony, sales report, webs, drop out, scraper, wire line, face it, script, with care, feeder, seems the same,

From the Basement: 100%.LR, galactic, rattles, Antidote, gene pool, read only, aphasia, genetic damage, reflex, backlog, ghost in the hall, REM, bad seed, groaner, resified, bar code, harmonics, robopad, Belong, hex, scifi, biohazard, hollow, self destruct, bionic, IC me, sewer, bits and pieces, importer, shake down, blips, in phase, siren, brachiopod, indexer, skin, bubbles, infected, sleeper, burn, inner, slip, buzzard, insector, slower, call home, instant, snake charm, captured, intercomm, snap shot, carbon, invader, soil, cell void, it’s broken, space station, closure, just a dream?, spacer, collective, keydown, spent, corrupted, life cycle, spinger, cover girl, linker, spit back, creaker, load, split, creeper, lunch, status, curve, matrix, stepper, cymbol, message, subsurface, debris, mips bite, talk show, derrick, mobile, tangent, dread.LR, mod squad, test tube, dumpster, monkey biz, the hive, easy off, night watch, tic toc, entrance, no transfer, tidal, exchange, offend, transform, export, offset, tripod, fault, on time, tune in, feed, out of tune, twisted, feedback, parasite, ufo, FFT, particle beam, unit, finance, past life, urge, flashback, peep show, vortex, fly away, pell-mell, warbler, focus, popper, wasteland, for manting, power surge, wreck, freq out, prey, wrong sides, function, probe, future shocked, pulp, galactic, pyro.