Turntable Arts: WAV

 For DJs: Scratches, Squibs & Snips



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Over 600 license-free DJ focused samples in this downloadable sample library for use in performances and compositions. WAV files are easily loaded into every software sampler and Audio / MIDI sequencing package on the Market today. Once you have them in your sampler – try various combinations of the sounds to build your own performance. “Turntable Arts” is a collection of Fills & Spills, Snips & Squibs, Scratches and Vox Performances that provides a sampler toolkit of DJ-style material for musicians who aren’t skilled in those turntable arts.

Here is a list of the sounds contained in this collection:

Fills & Spills I & II:303Indeed_134, Abstracto_120, AcidLead69_140, allgood_132, antiquiti_132, Badram_156, BassedAround_134, BassedCab_134, BassedHard_134, BassedUpHard_134, BeatIt_150, Bizzed_150, Bizz_150, BreakIn_150, Brokeid_156, Buggeder_150, Buzzed_150, Buzz_150, CarefullNow_140, Chemacil_132, Cold303_132, Conscious_120, Distogo_150, DJfodder_113_132Bpm, DJfodder_092_140Bpm, DJfodder_093_150Bpm, DJfodder_094_120Bpm, DJfodder_095_120Bpm, DJfodder_096_150Bpm, DJfodder_097_140Bpm, DJfodder_098_150Bpm, DJfodder_099_150Bpm, DJfodder_100_140Bpm, DJfodder_101_140Bpm, DJfodder_102_120Bpm, DJfodder_103_120Bpm, DJfodder_104_120Bpm, DJfodder_105_120Bpm, DJfodder_106_132Bpm, DJfodder_107_132Bpm, DJfodder_108_132Bpm, DJfodder_109_120Bpm, DJfodder_110_132Bpm, DJfodder_111_132Bpm, DJfodder_112_132Bpm, DJfodder_091_140Bpm, DJgotA303_120, Dubbie_132, dudit_156, dunBrokeit_156, Elactate_140, EmptyNess_150, Evenfaster_150, Fazed_150, Feelers_156, flatOut_140, Fordgotten_140, GollyGee_150, greatNOWhat_132, HubbaHubby_140, HunnyBuck_150, ImpactJam_134, ImpactJam2_134, Intacombell_150, Justsn_156, Justsnare_156, LazyDaisy_120, LeadInDoubt_120, Lines1_134, Lines2_134, Lines3_134, MetalRyme_130, MetalRymeLong_130, NightDrive_140, OmarsLead1_150, OmarsLead2_150, OrganArp_120, Outofcontrol_120, Queefed_140, RubAdub_132, ShakeIt_130, Slupper_140, SnaredUpHard_134, SomethingsComing_132, SweetPeople2_132, Synthohol_132, Takeno_140, Tee0thee_120, TheRun_120, TreDooble_140, whatwhot_120, WheeLead_120, yert_132

Scratch It I & II : Over 200 Scratching performances including: Aproblem, Scratch_001, Scratch_002, Scratch_003, Scratch_004, Scratch_005, Scratch_006, Scratch_007, Scratch_008, Scratch_009, Scratch_010, Scratch_011, Scratch_012, Scratch_013, Scratch_014, Scratch_015, Scratch_016, Scratch_017, Scratch_018, Scratch_019, Scratch_020, Scratch_021, Scratch_022, Scratch_023, Scratch_024, Scratch_025, Scratch_026, Scratch_027, Scratch_028, Scratch_029, Scratch_030, Scratch_031, Scratch_032, Scratch_033, Scratch_034, Scratch_035, Scratch_036, Scratch_037, Scratch_038, Scratch_039, Scratch_040, Scratch_041, Scratch_042, Scratch_043, Scratch_044, Scratch_045, Scratch_046, Scratch_047, Scratch_048, Scratch_049, Scratch_050, Scratch_051, Scratch_052, Scratch_053, Scratch_054, Scratch_055, Scratch_056, Scratch_057, Scratch_058, Scratch_059, Scratch_060, Scratch_061, Scratch_062, Scratch_063, Scratch_064, Scratch_065, Scratch_066, Scratch_067, Scratch_068, Scratch_069, Scratch_070, Scratch_071, Scratch_072, Scratch_073, Scratch_074, Scratch_075, Scratch_076, Scratch_077, Scratch_078, Scratch_079, Scratch_080, Scratch_081, Scratch_082, Scratch_083, Scratch_084, Scratch_085, Scratch_086, Scratch_087, Scratch_088, Scratch_089, Scratch_090, Scratch_091, Scratch_092, Scratch_093, Scratch_094, Scratch_095, Scratch_096, Scratch_097, Scratch_098, Scratch_099, Scratch_100, Scratch_101, Scratch_102, Scratch_103, Scratch_104, Scratch_105, Scratch_106, Scratch_107, Scratch_108, Scratch_109, Scratch_110, Scratch_111, Scratch_112, Scratch_113, Scratch_114, Scratch_115

Snips & Squibs I & II : 100Exp, 33 RpM, Aahah, AnEssence, AowWoo, Azzap, Bangngng, Bididit, Bommm, Brushed, Chewwap, chucka, Chud, Controlling, Creak, crrssha, DavesBrain, Disced, Dub, Echotom, FatPadgonad, Fckedup, GrafTrance, GrooveShot, Hal9000, High, hipHopDJ, hitter, Horon, Impact_1, Impact_2, Impact_3, Impact_4, Isn’tLovely, JungleJane, JupitersMoons, kazoo2, LetsBegin, LongRezzPad, Mammey2, MoDem, moudrum, PhrazeCraze, PlasmaMad, Ploop, PolySwellch, PureEnergy, RatHole, Rendend, SawLookout, Sawwered, Schizoid, Scrape, Shame, Shortren, Singit1, Singit2, SnakeBass, snareup1, snareup2, snareup3, snareup4, SnarlHit_1, SpacedOut, splithitt, Ssab, TambolaUp, TheScrit, theyell, TimeJourney, Transist, UnderTheGun, Violate, Virgos, WateryGrave, WavedIn, Wearwolf, Weedle, WerdAmb, WetJet, WetNoodle, WhatThe

Vocoder & Vox: AllrightThen, AnAnnouncment, AreYouReady, BreakitDownNow, CantHoldMeBack, CheMical X, Choke, Dance, DanceWithMe, DidYouHearThat, Disco bomBing, DontStopmeBaby, DoYouHearIt, Dreamlike, EastCoast, EasyOnTheCut, ExtraFunky, Falling aPart, FeelALightness, FeelingAlright, FeeltheBeatnow, FeeltheBeat, Feel The Music, FloatingFree, Flowithme, FlowWithNature, ForyouLovers, FunkyasShit, GoodEvening, GotToRelax, hayay, Hear Wego Now, HeresaLetter, HeresASample, Huhey, IllDoBetter, Infatuation, Infected, Infected2, InitialForce, InnerPeace, Intensity, Iwantaseeyousweat, Iwantaseeyousweat2, JumpUpAndShout, KickinitOldSkoolMoneyG, LaLaLaLA, LetsGo, LetYourBodyRock, Let YourBody Go, Lick It, LiquidAdrenalin, ListenToSpaceTime, LockItDown, LooK out, MicCheck, MindJourney, MixedUp, MovetotheMusic, MoveTothEmusic2, MoveYourBody, NotImportent, Please, PrepForFuture, PumpItup, PumpIt Down, RippedIt, SeeitSenseitFeelit, Shallwe, Slam It, Slideitin, StartOverAgain, Suck It, SuperStar, Teknotic, tellusAstory, tellusAstory2, ThatsTheWayILike, They’llBeSurprised, ThrewTheBeat, Transition, Transmission, TurnitOut, WatchyourBack2, WatchyourBack, Wayout0fControl, WeDontKnow, WestCoast, WonderlandOftheMind, Yes