100cc: K2x00

Invisibly looped synths & drum machines for K-series synths



We took an armada of synthesizers – Peavey DPM3, Roland D50, Yamaha DX7, Prophet 5, Oberheim Xpander, Korg M1, Korg M3, Wavestation, Prophet VS and more – and created stacks upon stacks of synthesizer sounds. We then created multi-sample key maps of the sounds we created.

Then, using some of the most powerful sound editing tools and expertise in sampling, we created invisible loops for each sample in the keymaps.

Combine those expertly looped synthesizer sounds with creative V.A.S.T. programming – stretching the capabilities of the K2x00 in new directions, and you have something special.

Many of these sounds are completely unique and unavailable from anyone else.

This is a Digital Download ZIP file containing .K26 files for use your computer and either a floppy drive, a SCSI drive, or USB Floppy Drive emulator.

Here’s what customers say about this disk:

“I received your SoundEngine Vol.1 CD-ROM in the mail yesterday, and I have to tell you that this CD is freaking awesome!!!! I’ve only been able to go through about 65% of the sounds on the disc, but everything I’ve heard so far is nothing less than clean, hot, and professional. You have a wide variety of useable sounds from the whole disc, and you could easily produce plenty of different tracks with this CD alone. The CD’s so good, my wife even commented on the quality of the few acoustic instruments she heard. Unbelievable compilation. ” – D.A.S.

“Your loops are practically invisible and the variety of sounds you squeeze out of the samples is amazing.” – J.S.

“I was totally blown away by your disk “Vol.1 – Synths and Drum Machines”. …other disks have some great stuff on them, your CD is the best, hands down! Very clean, and the loops are flawless.” – L.L.

“Bang for the buck: 5 star!” – D.G.

“The cd came in today, and DAMN! This cd is F__KIN SWEET!! By far the best I have tried out anywhere. Keep up the good work!” – Z.C.

 Sound List:


3 Saw Aftermath, Ana SynCom 8, kitchen piper, L/A Flange Pad, PCM Rezzonant 1, PCM Rezzonant 2, Emperean+DigiChase, FilmScore + Passion, L/A Additive, L/A ChunkyChitlin’s, Odd Mechanism, PCM Attack Synths, PCM Emperor&Prelude, PCM Future Perc, PCM Huge Stacks, PCM Phntzia&WhiteVeil, PCM Reconcile/Trax, PCM Selene&Sacred, PCM Texture/Kallio, plutonium, small digitals, Soundscapes, SpectralProgress, subhumpoly, SuperCleanChiff, WaveProgress+Plux, metalwirebrush, Hybrid Oddness, Hybrid Sweeps, Ana P5 Strings


PCM Orch + Brass, PCM Strings 1, Hyb Strings 3, Hybrid Strings


DigitalAsia/MtlSwp, L/A Al Percussive, L/A Kalimba, PCM Airimba / Kyoto, PCM Vibes&Marimba 1


Hybrid Organs, PCM E. Organ + Harp, Hybrid E.P.&Keys, Light & Dark, PCM Piano & E.P.


PCM El. Guitars, PCM Acoustic/Ankara


M1 Keys & Drums, L/A Assortment, PCM Assortment


R8m Drums, DMX/LinnDrum, PCM U220 Drums, ProCussion #1, ProCussion #2, ProCussion #3, Proteus Drums, RX5 Drums, Stereo Drums 1, Stereo Drums 2, XR10 Drums


Hybrid Brass, L/A Brass 2, PCM Brass 1, PCM Toto Horns, PCM Shaku&Callio, Solo Woodwinds


PCM Fantasy Bells, tarnished, Hybrid Bellz


Art of Bass, L/A Acoustic Bass, Analog Bass 1, Analog Bass 2, PCM Syn Bass 1, PCM E.Basses 1, PCM E.Basses 2, PCM Micro Bass, PCM Rattle&BeatBack, rockin’ bass, Hybrid FM Basses, Hybrid Rick&Slap, VSBass1

 Vox: Analog Choir, PCM Synth Voxes, AndroidVoxFair, Choirs, L/A Ballad Choir, PCM Choir of Angels