Upright Pianos: K2x00

Character-packed upright pianos for Kurzweil K2000/2500/2600



A small but character-packed collection of Upright Pianos.

We visited upright pianos and captured their homey sound. There’s a lot of character, a lot of depth, a bit of intonation, but heaps of playability in this unique sample library. Captured on a 20-bit Layla recording system using vintage Cole Ribbon microphone and clip-on Sony mics, the unique approach to recording these pianos capture the years of history residing within the black and whites.

A complete list of the instruments recorded in this collection is contained in a documentation PDF, available on the “Download” tab.

Listen to the demos – if want a unique, expressive piano tone in your composition, this bargain-priced collection is well worth the small investment.

Kurzweil (.K26) Instruments:   Hansons piano, Hansons forte, Hansons Velocity Switch, Hansons 717a (stereo), Hansons 717b (mono), Ladbrooke 717