Nothin’ But Da Drums: ASRX

23 Smokin’ Drum Kits for the Ensoniq ASR-X



23 kits, 673 samples.

Collected from workstations and sound modules, this drum sample library for the ASR-X is ground zero for your beats. Start here, end here.

ekit138 samples
ekit231 samples
Noiz Kit34 samples
orbit35 samples
p2k131 samples
p2k231 samples
p2k332 samples
p2k431 samples
p2k513 samples
planet hit 124 samples
planet hit 227 samples
planet phat 133 samples
planet phat 231 samples
rolkit128 samples
rolkit218 samples
tri noiz34 samples
Trinity 126 samples
triperc 134 samples
triton perc 234 samples
triton134 samples
triton234 samples
triton318 samples
TRkit 222 samples