Organ Toolkit: Kontakt

Fantastic collection of European Theatre Organs



Overview and Recording Technique:

SoundEngine’s Organ Toolkit is one of the most most versatile collection of high quality organ samples in the world. There are more than 700+ samples (over 275 MB); all powerful and beautiful, with most in full stereo.

This collection the Big Bavo Organ Haarlem, Netherlands, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, a fine Italian Theatre Organ, and some digital emulations to add additional thickness and dimension if the owner desires.

The library was recorded using 2 DPA (formerly Bruel & Kjaer) series 4000 omni-directional microphones. Digital recording, after 24 bit AD conversion, took place on Tascam DA45 24 bit DAT-master. Recordings were edited in ProTools 4.3.1 on a PT24 Mix card. A little Trueverb was added, along with some Focusrite F2 & F3 (EQ and dynamics), and mastered to hard disk in 24 bit depth with Waves UltraMax (L1) dithering and noise shaping. Subsequent edits took place in Wavelab and iZotope RX7.

Test Drive:


Model YearKontakt 5 or later(Full Kontakt Required)
Horsepower 16-bit, 44.1 Khz(bit depth, sample rate)
Seating95, 800(# of presets, # of samples)
Curb weight282 MB(library size)
Delivery255 MB(Pulse)