Volume 1: ASRX

Synths, Drums, Basses, FX


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Includes four ASR-X Sound Tools sets: ASR-X Drums, ASR-X Synths, ASR-X Basses, and ASR-X Whack FX, plus beats based on the ASR-X internal sounds, to generate ideas and get songs started.

Bank Descriptions:

Basses – Noise Bass, Overdriven Bass, Resonant Bass, Analog Fretless, Beatle Bass, Damped Bass, Floor Bass, Flogged Bass, Earthquake Bass, Detuned Bass, Dual Saw Bass, Growler, RezThunk, Octave Bass + Synthesizer Bass Stacks

Drums – LinnDrum, Oberheim DX, Trash Drums, AKAI XR-10 Drums, Procussion Drums, Rock / Metal Drums

Synths – Oberheim Xpander, Prophet 5, Korg M1, and Yamaha W5 sounds.

WhackFX – Synthesized hits, sweeps, and FX for giving a beat track some life

Beats – Drum machine beats and rhythms based on internal ASR-X Sounds – but you can customized them by assigning pads to the RAM sounds.