SY77 Impressions: SY55

Recreations of classic SY77/TG77 presets for the SY55 & TG55



The SY77 Impressions dual sound bank includes 128 new voices – most of which are exact detailed emulations of the SY77 Factory patches. Turn your ’55 into an SY77 FM Monster.

Keyboard Magazine Review (Jan.1991):

“The SY 77 IMPRESSIONS* card kicks off with five assorted electric pianos, all with plenty of pizazz. It features a number of solid Moog basses, breathy pads like “PolarChor 2” and the lovely, slowly cycling surf of “Ocean”, a truly creepy effects patch called “Alien World”, a couple of delicate metallic timbres, and some useful splits (acoustic bass with Rhodes, synth bass with synth brass, organ with sax, and so on).”