Synth Textures: Wavestation

Power Synth sounds for the Korg Wavestation VST



Keyboard Magazine Review: 

“The Synthesizer Textures disk contains quite a varied bunch of emulations of other synths, not just the inevitable D-50 and M1 but OB-8, SY22, and such oddities as a Korg MS20 bass and a piano/string layer inspired by the Elka Rhapsody! …overall, these sounds are adaptable to everyday musical contexts …” Feb. 1991. 

This set adds the character of the rest of the world’s synths to the Wavestation! From the sounds used by older bands like Tangerine Dream (the Elka Rhapsody sound will put TD fans into ecstasy) to the other monsters like the M1 and D-50. Metallic, evolving PPG sounds are here, as well as complex multipart modular synth emulations. This is the sound of all synths!