Bass & Drum Station: Wavestation

Banks of Basses and Drums & Percussion for the Korg Wavestation Legacy Software



Turn the Korg Wavestation Legacy VST into a synthetic bass monster! 

Korg Connection Review:

“If you ever needed a synth-bass sound, it’s probably in this bank. Electronic basses that you may have heard on the M1, Yamaha SY stuff, and on classic Moogs can all be found here. There’s also some really cool metallic-hit sounding basses here. The synth-basses in this bank are just about the fattest ones you’ve ever heard…” Four Checks out of five! 

This is a collection of synthetic bass sounds. Killer bass sounds. From Moog emulations, PPG wavetables, modern dance sounds, and techno effects to smooth electric sounds, this is an excellent set that taps the WS’s huge bottom end. Fat and serious!