Perc Werks: WAV

 Synthetic Drum & Perc. Sounds




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Perc Werks is a killer collection of over 1350 synthetic drum & percussion sounds. The majority of the disk is made of 137 kits, each containing a few sounds that work together well. Some of these are built around themes, such as the “noise kits”- which are made up of sounds created from processed noise of various types- others are grouped according to a musical style- such as the “techno kits” (note: the music-style names aren’t meant to be hard & fast rules, they’re just to give you an idea of the type of sounds contained within).

This disk contains 137 drum kits (each with one or two demo loops), a folder of synthetic percussion loops in 12 tempos, plus 3 folders of miscellaneous sounds (miscellaneous kicks, miscellaneous snares, & miscellaneous percussion sounds

Here is a list of keymaps and sample banks on this disk:

Drum Kits

  • Ambient kits (13) contains some mellower and some just plain odd sounds, mostly pretty obviously synthetic in nature
  • Drum-n-bass kits (12) sounds that would be suitable for drum & bass or jungle music- low, sustained kicks, sharp snares, etc.
  • Dub kits (13) some similarities to the above ‘drum-n-bass kits’ & the ‘hip-hop’ kits, also contains some of more acoustic-sounding drums on this CD
  • Electro kits (16) mostly very synthetic sounds, think Kraftwerk
  • FM kits (8) sounds generated with FM synthesis
  • Hiphop kits (12) self explanatory for the most part
  • Industrial kits (13) harsher sounds, mostly heavily processed
  • Lo-fi kits (10) processed with simulated bit-rate reduction & that sort of thing. Also includes background “vinyl noise” snippets
  • Noise kits (12) sounds made using processed noise of various types & colors
  • Resynthesized kits (6) sounds made using spectral analysis & additive synthesis to “resynthesize” other sounds.
  • Techno kits (15) dance music-friendly type stuff, such as emulations of the “xox” sound, weird electronic percussion, etc. Also contains some hardcore-style sounds.
  • Vocoder kits (6) sounds that have been vocoded with other sounds.
  • Miscellaneous Kicks (30)
  • Miscellaneous Percussion (65)
  • Miscellaneous Snares (30)

Percussion Loops

  • Synthetic Percussion Loops (48)