Smack Down: TX81z

A study in TX81Z percussiveness



Open your textbooks to chapter 81, students. This chapter is all about getting smacked down.

We’ve pined on about the dynamic and responsive nature of FM synthesis on this site, and the 4-op FM built into the TX81Z is no exception to that rule. The nice thing about 4-op as opposed to the standard 6-op FM built into the DX series is the choice of waveforms available that drive the carriers and modulators. This allows options for even more noisy smackiness to come out of your TX81Z.

We’ve also taken the time to ultra-program all the modulation sources for the sounds to create an expressive set.

Plunker Thwak Bass
Mega Moog Funk Comp
Rattler Ethereal
Growler Cranky Pot
Glitch Razor Lead
Suchness Picker
Polar Hit Dyno Rhodes
Morphin’ Odd Lead
Morphin’ 2 Morphin’ 3
Thunder Bss Thunk Bass
Hard Punch Fatter Brass
Rattler 2 Odd Lead 2
Funky Comp 2 Metal Smack
Juke Hero Super Smack
Nazal Lead Sloppy Lead
Tranzprent Fat PBass