Wavestation Impressions: SY77

Vector synthesis on the SY/TG77


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Vector synthesis on the SY/TG77? It’s true!

Turn your SY77 into a Wavestation with this killer bank of vector synth recreations. Programmed with a Wavestation side-by-side we’ve figured out ways to duplicate the sonic character of four oscillators and a mix envelope on the SY/TG synth engine.

Maximized modulation and custom programmed, these sounds make the SY come alive with aggressive sound, texture-filled, evolving landscapes, and drifting pads.

Combined with the above Film Score banks, these sounds create a new palette for your SY/TG77 that you haven’t had before – a bank of hooks to make your composition come alive. Use them to add color to your piece or make them the main event!