Dumb Luck: SY77

Programs that started as Random Button Pushing



We really like the sound of the SY77 over here at SoundEngine, and as we’ve come to know it, we’ve come to respect how powerful the synthesizer engine in it is. Starting with a series of random programmed parameters, we started with 256 jumbled nonsense and noise, and gently massaged the parameters into really musical, dynamic sounds.

We only focused on the AFM engine on this bank, along with the effects. What you get as a result is a set of unique digital synthesizer sounds that are not emulative, don’t sound like anything else in your studio, and not available anywhere else.

64 Sounds:

1 LittleTop2 Sqweaker
3 FizMetal4 SpaceCat
5 VL16 Hush Pad
7 Tickler8 Pad
9 Depth10 Rezon8
11 Regalia12 Brassish
13 Dream14 TInkle
15 In Place16 Digitz
17 Birdland18 Gurgler
19 Porcaro20 Octavus
21 Big 80’s22 Tap Hit
23 Warmish24 FarAway
25 Compish26 DynoCtl2
27 8vaComp28 Good4Arp
29 NazalSolo30 FatBuzz
31 DigiPad32 Solar Pad
33 FakePWPad34 DigiMax
35 FuzzBreath36 FatSolo
37 Sweetness38 Jiggler
39 Big40 Distant
41 MetalBr42 Doink!
43 Stabber44 Wrench
45 Remus46 Harmonus
47 VSHollow48 SadSine
49 DeadSimpl50 DistHonk
51 Perfect52 Far Off
53 Length54 PlukSpnk
55 OddCowBell56 Twanger
57 PlasticLog58 Rattler
59 Meditate60 Symunz
61 Barrel62 PercZap
63 BellCow64 SoloThing