Stone Bass: Presence

21 sounds based on a sampled bass keymap



This original sample came from an old Emu Proteus – confirmed by none other than Greg Stone (get it? “Stone” Bass!!)

Greg related this story, from when he was working at Emu-Systems:

In the EMU Systems Inc. lunchroom, there was a discussion of what bass sounds could be sampled for the Proteus. There was a desire to have a less-commonly heard other than just a Fender Bass guitar. Greg “chimed in that I had a bass that had a distinctive tonality unlike what was out there at the time. Stone Bass is a 1976 Travis Bean TB2000.”  The bass was recorded live at Emu’s sound room live with a Brüel & Kjaer microphone through a 15” Altec speaker.

We’ve been moving this keymap around from hard drive to hard drive with the idea that one day, we would make a free bank out of it. Since we just wrapped up a couple of major products, we were goofing around in Presence for a while and came up with this bank, along with a couple of new sound design lessons in the process.

When you download the library, you’ll find you have seven samples that are looped, adding up to 3.3MB. It’s just really one keymap, but we figured out ways to design 21 compelling bass sounds out of that one map.

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think.