Collection: SQ80

Huge bank of 280 sounds for the SQ-80



There are *7* banks of sounds in this collection! 80 patches utilizing the waveforms added to the SQ-80 beyond what the ESQ-1 contained are feature in the first two banks. Orchestral, New Age, and synthetic patches highlight this bank. If you haven’t heard these patches, you only have half a keyboard!! There are 200 converted ESQ patches are included on the disk, to cover all possible styles and needs. Excellent Sounds. That’s what this is all about!

Transoniq Hacker review:

“There is a wealth of really good stuff. I was mightily impressed by some of the monstrous percussion sounds and effects, most notably the patches SKINNY and PUPPY. There is true programming genius here… You will get a lot of different kinds of sounds and some definitely killer percussion that you won’t find anywhere else that I know of. Sounds like a deal to me!”