Rebuild: DPM3



28 Peavey DPM 3/se disk images designed and built over the years. Organized for quick sound auditions, we’ve put in the hours so that you can create with the sounds, not search for them. Quick, clear loading instructions. Your DPM must have 512K Sample RAM installed for this library to be compatible. It’s an incredible collection of completely new sounds for the DPM series. DPM3, DPM3/se, DPM4 compatible.

Here’s detail on the banks included:

Digital Synths 5 floppies focusing on the classic digital synths of the 1980’s: M1, D50 #1, Proteus #1, U220, L/A Synths,Vintage Keys. Get the punch of more super clean samples. These disks, each with 50 patches and 512K of new sample material, fill in the gaps in the DPM ROM set.

Analog Synths 5 floppies delivering 250 of the fattest analog synth sounds around: Xpander, Prophet VS, Prophet 5, Hybrid Synth, Super JX. 512K of samples on each disk, variations on each sound: Dry, Chorus, Resonant. Loads of stack combinations too.

Producer’s Pack 5 disks delivering one producer quality multisampled instrument for your fully expanded (1MB required) DPM. 10 sounds per disk Clean Strat, Pure Piano, Large Pad, Super Rhodes, Wide Strings.

Classic Drums 5 disks that turn the DPM into a classic drum machine. The 512K of samples on these disks have every classic hit plus more … because some of the machines had extra drum chips! Roland TR707, Yamaha RX5, Sequential TOM, Linn Drum, & Oberheim DMX

Machine Drums #1 Five floppies highlighting five of the cleanest drum machines ever built. These sound fantastic through the DPM effects. GM mapping available too. R8 #1, R8 #2, ProCussion#1, ProCussion #2, Akai XR-10

Workstation Drums These 5 disks will become your workhorse sounds. Super clean inspirational drums from the DPM competition! GM mapping is available, too. M1 Drums, U220 Drums, Proteus/1 Drums, SY85 Drums, D70 Drums.