Rebuild: CZ V

3,500+ curated programs for Arturia’s CZ V. Organized for quick sound auditions, we’ve put in the hours so that you can create with the sounds, not search for them. Quick, clear loading instructions and synth documentation are included. SRB-047 is an incredible value and a great starting point for the CZ V.



In this SoundEngine “Rebuild” ” you’ll find more than 3,500 in a CZ V Library. The sounds have been categorized in a general way – allowing you to specifically organize them to your liking, We got rid of the presets that make no sound or can’t be loaded, and we eliminated as many duplicates as we could find. You can audition them in the library window, or open them to see what makes them tick, or to customize them with effects, new envelopes, etc. Load them up and get some inspiration from the sound programmed by hundreds of sound developers over the years.

Basses (hard and soft), Synth Brass, Woodwinds, Classic Synths, Electronic Pianos, Strings and Pads, FX and more. Most of the sounds have Brightness and Timbre controls enabled, along with MIDI controllers for Chorus and Reverb, so right out of the fate you’ll have tons of variations at your fingertips.

As we do with all “Rebuilds”, you’ll always be able to download the library again, in case something goes wrong with your computer or backups, AND we’re always updating the library with new stuff we create and new stuff we find – we’re on version 4 of our DX7 Rebuild, as an example. So, essentially what you are getting here is a lifetime subscription to a huge CZ V preset library.

Also included in the Pulse download is an Owner’s Manual – you’ll be behind the wheel in no time, on a road trip to new compositions.