Rebuild: Cloud D-50

12,000+ Programs for the Roland Cloud D-50. Organized for quick sound auditions, we’ve put in the hours so that you can create with the sounds, not search for them. Quick, clear loading instructions and synth documentation are included. SRB-046 is an incredible value and a great starting point for the Roland Cloud D-50 VST.



In this SoundEngine “Rebuild” ” you’ll find more than 400 “.BIN” folders organized into “sound type” folders. Each of these files has up to 64 sounds, just like the original D-50. Load them up and get some inspiration from the sound programmed by hundreds of sound developers over the years. We calculated an average of 32 sounds per “found” library – a collection built over DECADES for the D-50 and converted to “Cloud – D-50” .BIN files for your inspiration.

So, we’d expect at least 12,000 sounds programmed by dozens of developers over the years in this collection. Each bank has been loaded and tested – there may be some duplicates, but at this price, you’ll absolutely get creative as you try them all out.

Also included in the Pulse download is an Owner’s Manual – you’ll be behind the wheel in no time, on a road trip to new compositions.

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