Junk in the Trunk: Kontakt

Junk in the Trunk is a deep, detailed collection of low-cost, budget-friendly, and often portable synthesizer sounds




Yamaha, Casio, Roland, and even Sequential delivered low-cost, budget synths over the years. This collection focuses on Yamaha and Casio, including sampled sounds from: Casio CT-460, Casio CT-6000, Yamaha HS400, Yamaha CS01, Casio VL Tone, Casio SK-5, Casio Rapman, Casio CTK-530, and Casio CT-430.

Don’t count these cheap synths out, however. Vince Clarke (Yazoo, Depeche Mode, Erasure) has often gravitated to the “up-front”, grainy, even cheesy sounds of these keyboards for his distinct sound. We’ve not only captured those baseline sounds, but we’ve also maximized the sound engines of the Logic Sampler engine with MIDI controllers, filters, and effects to create new sounds for your compositions.

Junk in the Trunk samples are 24-bits / 48Khz sample rate. There are 900MB of 24-bit samples and at least 110+ presets completely capturing this unique acoustic instrument. You should be able to quickly find a sound that inspires you.

All Junk in the Trunk versions have presets designed to make the most of the sound engine of each VST sampler, and each synth we sampled has a “dry” sound that turns off effects and filtering for the most part. Still, modulation controllers are active on all sounds where relevant. Make sure you try Filter Cutoff, Timbre, Attack, Release, Chorus and Reverb Send, and General-Purpose Controller #10 for changing the sound. Don’t panic about these controller assignments – most MIDI controllers with knobs and sliders from Arturia, NI, and Novation have these already assigned to physical controllers on the device.

Sounds Included in “Junk in the Trunk”:

Casio VL Tone GuitarCasio VL Tone FluteCasio VL Tone FantasyCasio CT-430 Bass 1
Casio CT-430 Bass 2Casio CT-430 PianoCasio CT-430 VibraphoneCasio CT-460 Brass
Casio CT-460 ChorusCasio CT-460 ClavCasio CT-460 HarpsichordCasio CT-460 Organ
Casio CT-460 PianoCasio CT-460 Synth bassCasio CT-460 TrumpetCasio CT-460 Upright bass
Casio CT-460 VibesCasio CT-6000 Brass EnsembleCasio CT-6000 ChorusCasio CT-6000 Elec Guitar
Casio CT-6000 Electric PianoCasio CT-6000 Flute – ChorusCasio CT-6000 FluteCasio CT-6000 Guitar 2
Casio CT-6000 HarpCasio CT-6000 Honky TonkCasio CT-6000 Jazz OrganCasio CT-6000 Piano
Casio CT-6000 String EnsembleCasio CT-6000 SymphonicCasio CT-6000 Synth BellCasio CT-6000 Violin
Casio CT-670 PianoCasio CT-670 String EnsembleCasio CTK-530 EP BassCasio CTK-530 Guitar Bass
Casio CTK-530 Hard CaliopeCasio CTK-530 StringsCasio CTK-530 Low StringsCasio CTK-530 String Pad
Casio CTK-530 VibesCasio PCM BassCasio PCM HarpCasio PCM Strings
Yamaha HS400 Human VoiceYamaha CS01 PWM PadYamaha CS01 PWM BrassCasio VL Tone
Casio VL Tone ViolinCasio VL Tone Violin 1Casio CTK-530 MarimbaCasio CTK-530 Hard Caliope
Casio CTK-530 Mute Tpt BassCasio CTK-530 Organ BassCasio CTK-530 OrganCasio Rapman Agogo
Casio Rapman GamelanCasio Rapman Orchestra HitCasio Rapman VocoderCasio SK-5 My Voice 1
Casio SK-5 Chorus – AliasCasio SK-5 EII Marcato



Model YearKontakt(Kontakt 6 or
Horsepower 24-bit, 48 Khz(bit depth, sample rate)
Seating113, 1910(# of presets, # of samples)
Curb weight945 MB(library size)