Cristal Baschet: Kontakt

A sample set of the unique Cristal Baschet for Kontakt



The Cristal Baschet Sample Set is the most complete and usable collection of Cristal Baschet Sounds available! There are deeply multi-sampled sounds from the instrument, captured by Tomás Mulcahy at the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork while the instrument was touring Ireland.

How the Cristal Baschet makes sound is very interesting. Glass rods are attached to metal rods that are embedded in a heavy metal plate. As the glass rods are rubbed with wet fingers (think of a wine glass with a wet finger), there’s a transformation from a complex, unstable vibration on the glass rods to the metal rod, which via its length, ’tunes’ the vibrations to musical pitches. The diffusers the radiate the resulting acoustic waves, generated through the heavy metal plate that the metal rods are attached to. The result is a musical piece of art, designed originally by the Baschet Brothes in France in 1952.

This a completely unique sounding instrument. The sound set contains musical tones played on the glass rods of the instruments, plus bells, hits, percussive hits and flute-like sounds that only the Cristal Baschet can generate. It’s new and rare sounding, and rounds out a library with the ability to perform effects, low rumbles, low harmonic drums and basses. It’s incredibly textura and cinematic – all in a single sample set.

It will be your secret weapon in your demo reels, ambient compositions, and effects work.

BTW: The Cristal Baschet photo is courtesy Marc antoine million via Creative Commons license: