Accordions: Kontakt

A versatile library of realistic accordions



There are full chromatic multi-sampled instruments of a Hohner Morino, an Accordiana, a Concertina, a Paolo, a Parrot and a Bandoleon.

Versatile and detailed, including key click (both key down and key up), mono and stereo variations. This collection, lovingly recorded, edited, and programmed is the most complete, most musical, and most natural sounding accordion library.

Accordions was sampled using two DPA (formerly Bruel & Kjaer) series 4000 omni-directional microphones in 24-bit format on a Tascam DA45 24-bit DAT Master. Recordings were edited in ProTools. A little TrueVerb and some Focusrite F2 & F3 (EQ and Dynamics) were). Files were then looped. You will hear no clicks, no beeps, no bumps – just the natural character of these wonderful instruments. Subsequent edits took place in Steinberg Wavelab and iZotope RX7.


PAOLO ITALY An old and characteristic instrument. The largest Piano accordion in this set. 34 treble notes. Perfect for ZYDECO


PAOLO SAX The 8 foot registration, almost no vibrato


PAOLO MUSETTE Very convincing vibrato, full tone, clear and versatile


CONCERTINA A beautiful and very expensive new Concertina made by STAGI. Very smooth and agile instrument, originally designed for classical music, but very suited for folk music and chordal song accompaniment. Its hexagonal shape made me love the instrument right away


ACORDIANA A button accordion (often called button box, squeeze box or melodeon)


PARROT This is a very cheap and old instrument, with a very personal sound. Seriously out of tune, charming as can be
BANDOLEON The famous tango instrument. An original Ela Ela from the Sexteto Mayor. Out of tune and nasty to play


HOHNER 16 16 This is basically the 16 foot registration from the beautiful HOHNER MORINO. I recorded all white keys. So there were 26 stereo samples. Listen to the keys being pressed and release!


HOHNER MUSETTE This is a 3x 8 foot registration on the MORINO. All reeds are a little bit differently pitched, giving a very beautiful vibrato. Also several programs with LFO and additional click MONO MUSETTE


HOHNER TUTTI Same story as above but the 16 foot + 8 foot + 4 foot registration


HOHNER 4 MONO A 4 foot registration


HOHNER 16+8 16 foot + 8 foot. H 16+8 MONO





Model Year Kontakt (Full Kontakt 5 or higher)
Horsepower  24-bit, 48 Khz (bit depth, sample rate)
Seating 60, 439 (# of presets, # of samples)
Curb weight 480 MB (library size – .NKB file)
Delivery 480 MB Pulse Downloader