Flywheel: FM8

64 sounds for FM8 that showcase the warmth of analog emulation and the edge of classic FM synthesis



This is a new, unique sound set for the FM8 that hearkens back to the days of vintage combinations of DX FM and the warmth of classic analog synthesis. The “Flywheel” sound set strikes a harmonious balance between the two approaches. On one hand, you have the distinctiveness of classic FM sounds with edge and grit, and on the other, analog emulations that have depth and character. These analog patches nod to the legacy of renowned brands like Sequential and Oberheim, while the FM-focused tones provide the crispness and clarity many producers, sound designers, and electronic musicians seek.

Extensive modulation is routed directly into the FM8 engine using standard MIDI controller assignments for tons of tone-twisting transformations. The sounds are suitable across many musical styles, but shine particularly well in Trance, EDM, and Glitch compositions.

Included are 64 unique FM8  sounds. For a smooth start, the package comes with straightforward installation instructions and detailed programming notes, with an emphasis on MIDI controller assignments.

The Flywheel: FM8 sound set: a blend of nostalgia and modernity, ready to enhance your musical creations. Get ready to be moved – grab it now.

Sound List:
AlmostTransparent MKSStrings AnalgSpace Morphin’ 3
B_Fat Bass NasalFull B_Lead 1 OctaveCat
B_Rezzy Opo Car BigThunk Picker
Brite Pad Polar Hit Buzzy Bass 1 Rattler
Digital Rez Hit DX Smack B RezPlunker
DynamicLead RezzoBrs DynoRhodes SensiBass
Ethereal Sizzler Fade In SmakClavi
Fatter Brs Spanky FormantHrn SquareSmak
Funky Comp 1 Suchness Glitch Sweeper
Growler 1 Synker Hard Punch TheProphet
Hit Me ThunderBss HollowBrit ThunderPianoBass
It’s Over ThwakBass McPhatty Translate
Melloooooo Wet AnaSlappy Morphin’ 2
B_FilSweep Morphin’ B_Paddish NazalLead
BassHit Odd Lead Breathy Brass Phazzey
Buzzer Plunker Cranky Pot PW Mod 1
DirtyBrass RazorLead Dynamic Rez Pluk
Electrode RezSweeper EvilCometh Ringer
Fat P Bass Sine Pad FilterPad Sir Froggy’s Lead
Fret Smak SloppyLead Funky Comp 2 Space Perc
GnatComp Spitty Grok Perc Squarez
Growler 2 SuperSmack HarshBrass Swipher
HitFrtls TablaRez HollowSoft Thud Bass
Juke Hero Thunker Knife’s Edge Timbre
Mega Moog Tranzprent MetalSmack WetSynth