Flywheel: FM8

64 sounds for FM8 that showcase the warmth of analog emulation and the edge of classic FM synthesis



This is a new, unique sound set for the FM8 that hearkens back to the days of vintage combinations of DX FM and the warmth of classic analog synthesis. The “Flywheel” sound set strikes a harmonious balance between the two approaches. On one hand, you have the distinctiveness of classic FM sounds with edge and grit, and on the other, analog emulations that have depth and character. These analog patches nod to the legacy of renowned brands like Sequential and Oberheim, while the FM-focused tones provide the crispness and clarity many producers, sound designers, and electronic musicians seek.

Extensive modulation is routed directly into the FM8 engine using standard MIDI controller assignments for tons of tone-twisting transformations. The sounds are suitable across many musical styles, but shine particularly well in Trance, EDM, and Glitch compositions.

Included are 64 unique FM8  sounds. For a smooth start, the package comes with straightforward installation instructions and detailed programming notes, with an emphasis on MIDI controller assignments.

The Flywheel: FM8 sound set: a blend of nostalgia and modernity, ready to enhance your musical creations. Get ready to be moved – grab it now.

Sound List:

1 B*Brass1
2 B*Lead 1
3 B*Bass 1
4 B*Fat Bass
5 B*FilSweep
6 Brite Pad
7 RezPlunker
8 Sine Pad
9 TheProphet
10 RezSweeper
11 PW Mod 1
12 MKSStrings
13 FilterPad
14 OctaveCat
15 EvilCometh
16 AnalgSpace
17 FormantHrn
18 Synker
19 Squarez
20 AnaSlappy
21 Phazzey
22 Sizzler
23 B*Paddish
24 Sweeper
25 McPhatty
26 HarshBrass
27 NasalFull
28 B*Rezzy
29 Swipher
30 RezzoBrs
31 DirtyBrass
32 Melloooooo
1 It’s Over
2 Spanky
3 Space Perc
4 Rez Hit
5 Dynamic
6 Grok Perc
7 Opo Car
8 Fret Smak
9 HollowSoft
10 SmakClavi
11 BassHit
12 TablaRez
13 Buzzer
14 Translate
15 Thunker
16 Wet Synth
17 Fade In
18 BigThunk
19 Hit Me
20 Ringer
21 Rez Pluk
22 Digital
23 HollowBrit
24 SquareSmak
25 Spitty
26 Timbre
27 DX Smack B
28 Wet
29 Growler
30 HitFrtls
31 Electrode
32 SensiBass

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