Big Block – Z-Engine: Logic

A huge library of classic CZ and VZ sounds



In automotive circles, the Nissan Z-Engine was the powerplant for classic Nissan cars from 1978 through 1989. It was feature in the Datsun 200XSSX and later in the Nissan Pathfinder.

At SoundEngine, the Z-Engine is something entirely different – a tribute to the Casio CZ and VZ series Phase Distortion Synthesizers. Searing synths, E-Pianos, bottom-end Basses and wild effects – all represent here, all multi-sampled and many with multiple velocity levels that show off the dynamism of the Casio Z-Engine.

We’ve built a huge library of almost 300 presets and more than 3500 samples to capture these incredible sounding yet budget instruments – made the news by targeting lost cost, yet still were popular as an alternative to the Yamaha DX series.

Model Year EXS24 (Logic 9 or higher)
Horsepower  16-bit, 44.1 Khz (bit depth, sample rate)
Seating 290, 3736 (# of presets, # of samples)
Curb weight 2.25 GB (library size)
Delivery 1.38 GB (ZIP file size)