Metal: EXS

A library of cinematic metal strikes & european church bells



‘Metal’ is an exclusive combination disk, consisting of a collection of
sampled Church Bells, as well as stereo and mono samples of a struck anvil, straight from the blacksmith shop.

The World’s first tuned church bells. The programs contain over 30 church bell samples. Some are spread chromatically over the keyboard. Others make a carillon, where one bell can be played over a large keyboard range. Another patch offers great sonic control over the timbre by playing at different velocity levels. 

This library also contains a collection of high quality ANVIL samples. More than 25 different anvils or other large metal objects were recorded and processed in ProTools. The resulting samples are placed in Gigasampler programs and are also available in WAV-format.

256MB of Sample Data, 160 stereo and mono samples, 16-bit @ 44.1Khz. 65+ EXS24 presets are also included.


Model YearEXS24 (Logic 9.0+)
Horsepower 16-bit, 44.1 Khz(bit depth, sample rate)
Seating69, 160(# of presets, # of samples)
Curb weight256 MB(library size)
Delivery220 MB(ZIP file size)