Collection: ESQ1

Huge library of ESQ sounds.



Revitalize your ESQ with a fresh set of sounds!

You will be shocked that you are listening to an ESQ! We have the fattest basses you will ever hear on it. Imitative patches (strings, guitar, voice, synth, electric piano, winds, etc) are here, as well as really cool analog and synthetic patches that range from contemporary to delightfully twisted! Included are the Pro Select 1 and Psyche Shriek sets we built our reputation on, and the new Proselect Volume 2, which is our best ESQ set yet!

Transoniq Hacker Review:

“A knockout collection of killer patches that breath new life into my Malvern dinosaurs. This is the fattest set of bass patches I’ve come across in two years of reviewing ESQ sounds. The bass patches are worth the purchase price by themselves. These eighty patches turn the ESQ into a brand new instrument which easily holds its own with most of those 16-bit wonders in the stores now. This stuff is …good enough to make its way into whatever you’re doing (as long as you don’t need wimpy strings!) No other programmer has come even close to revealing as much about this synthesizer as Mike has. …this is the deal of the century…”.