Synthetica: 01/W

A Korg 01/W Program Library with 100 new ambient and synthetic sounds


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The Korg 01/W was the not-as-successful follow-on to the Korg M1. It added deeper filter implementation, better effects, waveshaping and better wave ROM (and larger). The sounds in this program set have been developed over the past few months – we’ve had a blast focusing on ambient and synthetic sounds – diving into the deep effects section and waveshaping potential

“01/W Synthetica 1” from SoundEngine is a collection of 100 new sounds, created over the past few months. These really aren’t a collection of emulative sounds, but new frontier, digital creations that feature odd percussive tones, vectors, pads, and plucks.

Here’s a list of the 100 Program Names:

Dstnt Hail Droneish AliasBell AftrThght
Mettal SynSines MarsScape Vulcan
Picker EtherGtr SpaceSignl FlangePad
Pluk+Hold Quadrature SpectrlPlk CompKeys
Cavernous AmbientLd Spectralis Metal Sine
TriplePizz Plux in Ca Beater Spitzen
Calm Hover NasalComp HissSine
midHit DisntJing AlienGong MelodyX
Rhytmix Dist Wash 4-te Powerz
DreamOrg Waaasshh CrossPluck KansasChme
LeftToRite PreDLay Oscllate Wave EP
Giggles LiteWarm Tasia Tremolo
DeepSawz BzzyKyz SkyDimnd KeyDelay
HallOSynth Chaotic PeaceBell Harmonia
WaterBell Phase Or PercStart BzzyFret
Chorello Chaser Constraind KaCello
FzzDigi SinMetal Boidz Shimmer
Weightless Sprite BmbooSplsh LiteSplash
Sine 7 Ambnt Wire Magic Chisel
Broad Vector Ooh-Waah ELO-ish
VS Bellz Clear Pad Atonal AmbintFlut
Dissonant Motion Interval Sawwzz
Perc Lead Vib Metal DeepPluck Waash2
OrganAmbnt WaterGtr AmbntGtr Obsrvatory
SpaceCllo Popcorn Ambimba SynthicaPn