Ensoniq SD-1 Waveform List

I was recently working with a vintage Ensoniq SD-1, the final chapter in the VFX lineage at Ensoniq, and found that there wasn’t a ASCII list of waveforms, at least that I could find, on the Internet.

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Now, the SD-1 is pretty cool – 32-voice, the older sequencer workflow, as opposed to what was in the MR/ZR/ASR-X series, along with an impressive array of 17 Transwaves and hella built-in effects. As I recall, the Ensoniq Engineering team was just wrapping up the SD-1 and shipping it when I joined the Company.

In any case, it sounds great and I’m having a great time with it.

Here is a ZIP file that contains plain text and XLSX versions of the built-in waveforms.

Make sure to check out what we’ve done with the SD-1. It’s a beautiful-sounding machine that inspired our Synthetica library, 120 sounds targeting ambient and atmospheric music.







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